Azure Power

About Azure Power

Azure Power Technology Co., ltd. is a high tech company which specializes in dynamic design, development of dynamic system for FPV drones and application. The product is designed and developed by the top aerodynamic expert Dr. Lee who is a Columbia University postdoctoral, with more than 10 years of aerodynamic researching and experience in propeller designing. The propeller’s airfoil is inspired by the unique shape of the boomerang and perfectly fit aerodynamic principles, reducing vibration and noise. It is a unique design, not only in its stunning appearance, but it also has amazing performance upgrade. Due to professional propeller injection plan, the production of each propeller can be guarantee with a good dynamic balance(0.007g)

We are a team with big dreams and insights, and we believe that success comes step by step. Every effort we have made is derived from our enthusiasm of the the power system and FPV drones. We respect all of our clients’ desires. We have built a stable stage for our dreams, first of our many goals is to build a widely open business environment in which we can continuously explore the right way of the seller. The purpose of our business is to provide the best power solutions for FPV players by the most innovative design and technology.

We sincerely look forward to working with you to create a better future!